Unique and Rare Places in Jakarta

Unique and Rare Places in Jakarta – Jakarta has a lot of places that can make you feel very happy there even feel not boring. In the midst of the stereotype of children from South Jakarta which has boomed in recent years, South Jakarta is indeed known as a dynamic area of the capital because it is an area of many office centers and contemporary hangouts.

Jakarta Old Town

The Old City of Jakarta has become one of the tourist icons of the Capital City, centered on Fatahillah Square, which is a busy square with regular performances of traditional dances. Being a historical and cultural center, this area is visited by many tourists.

In this Old Town, there are many unique tourist destinations that attract many tourists such as Toko Merah, Rumah Akar, Kota Intan Bridge, various museums and many more. You can also go on a culinary tour in the Old Town area, while taking pictures with a charming background.

Kite Museum

This kite museum is the first kite museum in Indonesia. Its establishment began with a kite-loving figure named Endang W Puspoyo who often participates in kite contests.

His love for kites then took him abroad. It was then that he saw the kite museum and was inspired to create this museum in Indonesia.

Visitors will find hundreds of types and sizes of kite collections here from all over Indonesia and abroad such as Korea, Japan, Turkey, Sweden, and many more.
Guests who come will be invited to know the history of kites, make kites, and paint kites. The most fun, you can fly kites around this museum.
You can come to Jalan H. Kamang No 38 every day, from 9 am to 4 pm.

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Harry Darsono Museum

The Harry Darsono Museum is a very unique and rare tourist spot in South Jakarta. Because, this place is a fine fashion museum owned by a top Indonesian designer, Harry Darsono.

Harry Darsono is a fashion designer who has produced many haute couters. This is a work that has design, taste, and also quality materials in the fashion world.
He once designed clothes for the appearance of one of Shakespeare’s works, Hamlet & Othello in England. Harry Darsono also designs dresses for world queens such as Lady Diana and Queen Rania.

The artistic value of the Harry Darsono museum can be seen from the buildings and interior designs that are made and arranged in the style of European castles. In harmony with his work which also looks majestic and elegant.
For those of you who want to visit, this museum is located at Jalan Cilandak No. 71, South Jakarta.

Basoeki Abdullah Museum

Basoeki Abdullah is a top Indonesian painter who has various phenomenal works. Through his heirs, Basoeki Abdullah is happy to give his house along with his works and art collections to the community, especially the younger generation.

Currently, the house, which has been officially named the Basoeki Abdullah Museum, presents a collection of 123 paintings and 720 art items from his private collection.

The Basoeki Abdullah Museum is also a medium for various exhibitions, seminars, and other useful activities in order to carry out its function as a center for arts and culture for a wide audience.
To visit, you can come to Jalan Financial Raya No. 19, South Jakarta, Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.…

Accommodations that Help Win at Sportsbook Gambling

Accommodations that Help Win at Sportsbook Gambling – Preparing accommodation and strategies when you want to play sportsbook betting games online is something you need to do to get a win.

Football betting is the least popular bet among you. Because football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is also the most lucrative gambling to bet on. If you have the intention to be serious enough to want to bet online and the aim is only to be interested in the most profitable sports betting, and you should try to start using soccer betting.

Playing soccer gambling is the best way if you want to be able to make money quickly. So many times football gamblers on earth make a lot of money from their winnings in every football match, even if you are already rife with understanding and understanding sports betting in the world of online gambling then choosing to play alternative football games is a business that is too profitable for players.

Accommodations that Help Win at Sportsbook Gambling

More types of soccer betting bets

For other than football lovers who have fans in almost all corners of the country, this is the most interesting and challenging game to play. Because here you are likely to find many kinds of indomaxbet betting types that you can try to place bets on in every type of soccer betting that you have mastered. What’s more you also get to place bets on global football matches such as the Hemisphere Cup, European Cup, Champions League and European Union. Apart from that, there are many other famous soccer sports such as American soccer and Australian soccer that you can choose to bet on. This is the reason why this soccer gambling has undergone a huge escalation over the past few years.

Football accumulator can make you win good

A soccer accumulator is a bookmaker created with several football matches at once, each bookmaker is placed on the total predicted for each match and the odds of most matches are then multiplied by each additional game put into the bet. The final result of a soccer accumulator bet is that the higher the outcome that people predict accurately, the bigger the payout for someone. Because just a few thousand in a game can only result in betting into hundreds of thousands, there are a number of great results that can be obtained from betting for soccer matches like this.

There is always a football meeting

If you like to gamble on types of events such as basketball and baseball, the number of bets you can bet will be limited through the seasons but when the same is prohibited for football. Which is because football is gaining so much popularity that almost every country in the planet is playing it as well as most countries even have their own football league. This is said to be the season in which football is always available and lasts throughout the year, so if the sportsbook season in Europe is about to end then you can switch to betting on football in Asia or South America.

Unpredictable Sportsbook Betting

Many people in the world like to bet on football sports games, because important games are unpredictable. While those who are not gambling may think because betting on soccer will look even more difficult to win, but for players it is not difficult.…

Enjoy Various Benefits Of Playing Online Slot Gambling

Enjoy Various Benefits Of Playing Online Slot Gambling – Playing online slot gambling games is already known to provide many advantages for the players.

Rapidly increasing technological developments have succeeded in presenting casino gambling games that can be accessed online through official online mega88 slot sites. The site is listed as one of the sites that not only provides various types of games but also offers many other attractive bonuses. In addition, the site also pays attention to the features and services provided to each member on the site.

So that the quality on the site is certainly guaranteed to be able to support casino gambling games so that players become more comfortable and satisfied of course. Winning in casino gambling games is indeed much sought after by players. This is because the benefits paid are large enough so that they can be used for the needs of each player. Increasing the chances of winning can also be done by maintaining the quality of play. So that the possibility of players to win becomes easier and can be achieved quickly of course.

Accessible Easier And Faster

The first advantage that can be enjoyed when playing casino gambling through official online slot sites is that access to games is much easier and faster. This can be seen from the quality of the website and also a stable server to be able to speed up game access. In addition, playing using a smartphone also makes it easier for players to determine the time and place that is suitable for use in starting online casino games. so that it can help players to increase their chances of winning in the game.

Many Variations of the Latest Online Gambling Games

The second advantage that can also be enjoyed by every player is the large variety of the latest online gambling games. So that players can try other games to get additional benefits. The advantages of each game variation are of course also different. So if the player manages to win many variations of the game, the benefits obtained are also varied with a value that is much greater than the usual profit.

Not Too High Playing Capital

The third advantage that is no less interesting is that players can play online casino games using a game capital that is not too high. this is because the minimum replenishment of the balance is only 25,000. So this deposit budget is very affordable for all players in this game. Players can also determine their own playing capital to be used. So that it can be adjusted to the needs of each player so that they can enjoy the game comfortably, of course.

Many Attractive Bonus Offers

The fourth advantage is the player’s favorite advantage. Because the site also provides many attractive bonus offers to increase profits. One of the most well-known bonuses is the Jackpot bonus. The bonus with the highest value that every player is looking for. How to get the bonus is not too difficult. So that all players will have the same opportunity to succeed in getting the Jackpot prize if they meet the requirements given.…

The Most Unique Lodging Places in Indonesia

The Most Unique Lodging Places in Indonesia – Usually people spend time on vacation or time to rest by staying at an inn that has beautiful and even unique views. But not infrequently many people are interested in staying at an inn that has its own uniqueness in it. We have summarized recommendations for unique accommodations with natural nuances that can be an option for those of you who want to do a staycation with a different feel. Curious what the five inns are? Check out the full review below.

1. Pacific Palace Hotel – Batam

Eits, don’t frown first. This ship is not what you think. This is a hotel that just happens to be shaped like a cruise ship. This hotel called Pacific Palace is located in the city of Batam and has a 5 star rating. The number of floors itself is 8 floors with 180 rooms.

Lobby rooms, lounge rooms, and meeting rooms are designed as closely as possible like a luxury ship. You don’t have to ask about the facilities, yes, it’s very complete. So what are you waiting for? Only at Pacific Palace you can feel the sensation of staying on a luxury cruise ship without having to be afraid of getting seasick.

2. Leo Tree House – Bogor

Tired of modern concrete-lined inns nestled between crowded office buildings? Let’s try the sensation of spending the night in a shady forest in the style of Tarzan at the Leo Tree House which is part of the Mekersari Tourism Park complex in Cileungsi, Bogor. In this forest, you can feel the experience of staying in nature completely.

Because the place is spacious, can accommodate 4-5 people, and the concept of educational rides while playing is offered, the Leo Tree House is often the choice for families with children. Although loaded with concepts that are closely related to nature, there are still complete facilities like a hotel, such as TV, mini fridge, shower whose water temperature can be adjusted hot or cold, to mosquito repellent. His name is also in the forest, it is not uncommon for mosquitoes to roam a lot.

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3. The Highland Park Resort – Bogor

The hotel, which is located in Sinarwangi Village, is also very unique and no less cool. Each room is designed like a campsite just like the famous Mongol tents. There are two main types of tents that you can choose from, the Mongolian type and the Apache type. For large family packages, there are also Barak-type rooms that can accommodate up to 30 people.

This place is really suitable for those who want to have a family gathering or reunion with school friends because the rides offered are not half-assed. There is a waterpark-style swimming pool, paintball, horse riding, and of course outbound activities such as flying fox. So, if your family or company happens to be looking for a vacation spot, you can recommend it here.

4. Tree Inn Hotel – Malang

The next unique hotel is the Tree Inn which is located in the city of Malang or to be precise in the Jatim Park 2 area. The exterior of the building reminds us a little of the design of Flinstone cartoon-style stone-age houses. The hotel is also filled with various wildlife. The more you feel the atmosphere of the forest in the city center.

This hotel is highly recommended for those of you who want to take your child for a walk while visiting the surrounding natural attractions such as the Secret Batu Zoo and the Wildlife Museum. There is also the most unique facility that is often talked about from this place, namely Jungle FastFood. So guests can eat their meal while in a restaurant revolving around wildlife.…

Main Guidelines When Playing Online Slot Gambling

Main Guidelines When Playing Online Slot Gambling – Playing online slot gambling games, not only do you play by pressing the spin button, you also need to learn some of the main rules of play.

There are several guidelines for online slot gambling sites that definitely pay when the player wins, so now we will explain how to see an online slot dealer. With the increasing number of types of online games that are growing rapidly today, we will be able to understand why types of online gambling games are an inseparable part of our current lifestyle. This is because we will be able to entertain ourselves from the many virtual online slot machines that we can play and use. In addition, we will be able to get abundant income and income quite easily. These are some of the factors that will be able to raise the popularity of this type of online slot gambling game.

Slot Gambling Site Development

The development of the slot game itself will actually be very visible and also clearly visible when we follow its development from time to time. For example, when we play this type of live22 slot machine game manually, we must be able to visit the location of the game or the casino building located in certain places. This of course will cause us to spend a lot of energy, time and money to be able to access it. However, with the arrival of this online and virtual principle, it is clear that it will be easier and more economical for us to enjoy quality slot games only through our smartphones.

Of course, the easier and more often we can play this online slot gambling game. Of course it will be able to cause our income and income will be even greater. But of course we must first be able to choose and join an online slot gambling site. Which of course can provide a guarantee of payment for the players. Among other things, some site selection guidelines that have been relied on by successful and professional players are as follows:

Choosing an Online Gambling Site That Has a Good Payout Reputation

When we want to choose the type of online slot gambling site that definitely pays. So it’s clear we will need to also get data on reputation and also review payments. Which of course comes from an agent or online gambling bookie. When there is a lot of reputation and also good and positive reviews about the payment process at an online slot gambling agent. So we can conclude that we can become the best online gambling agent or bookie. Especially for the players with unquestionable payment certainty.

Choosing an Online Slot Gambling Site with Live Chat Services Available 24 Hours Non-Stop

One other thing that we can see as signs and characteristics of online slot gambling sites that are sure to pay. That is in the form of the existence of a live chat service that we can always access non-stop for 24 hours. This way we will be able to track the process of disbursing our funds. Without any significant problems whenever and wherever we want freely.…

A Strange Place Against Nature’s Laws

A Strange Place Against Nature’s Laws – Some places will definitely be made appropriately. And every place must have its own uniqueness and meaning in it. Here are some strange and unique places that are different from the rest and can go against the laws of nature

1. Petrifying Well

This well has super-powered water. This well is located in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England, the water can turn any object into stone like cursed.
Actually, the process of objects exposed to water in this well into stone does not occur in a short time. It took at least three months for things such as dolls, shoes, etc. that were exposed to water to turn into stone.

A Strange Place Against Nature's Laws

2. Shanay-Timpishka Sungai River

This river in Peru has its own uniqueness. Because the water that flows in it is very hot and boiling.
Noted, the temperature of this river has a temperature of 91 degrees Celsius. This river often takes the form of animals that are boiled alive when they accidentally fall into the river.
Although there are no volcanoes near the Shanay-Timpishka River, several theories have emerged. The most reasonable is the theory which concludes that the heat comes from geothermal heat that is channeled from the earth’s crust.

3. Gruner See Danau Lake Underwater Park

This park is not like a park in general. Because this park is under the water of Lake Gruner See which is at the foot of Mount Hochschwab, Austria.
This park is actually above the water surface in winter. But when summer comes, the ice in the surrounding mountains seeks and makes the lake water level higher and then submerges the surrounding park.
Therefore, tourists must wear diving equipment to enjoy this underwater park.

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4. Kjen Crater

Ijen Crater, located in Banyuwangi, East Java, has a uniqueness that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Because this Ijen crater has blue flames.
Seeing this blue flame is done by climbing at night because it is at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level. Many scientists are willing to come to Ijen Crater to research. From many studies, the blue fire in Ijen Crater is not lava flare, but sulfur that comes out and meets oxygen to form a blue flame.

5. Eternal Lightning

In Venezuela, precisely on the Catatumbo River which is dubbed the place of eternal lightning. Because this river area lightning never stops striking.
Starting at 7 pm every night, lightning will strike the water for 10 hours. This happens almost every day, up to 260 lightning-filled nights a year.
This place once stopped being struck by lightning in 2010. But after 6 weeks without lightning, the place was struck by lightning again until now.…

Earn Multiple Profits by Playing Sportsbook Gambling

Earn Multiple Profits by Playing Sportsbook Gambling – Playing online gambling betting games you really have to do using capital at the beginning, as a player you have to prepare capital to be able to play sportsbook bets.

Win hundreds of millions of soccer gambling. Admin will try to share a little personal experience. The Secret to Winning Online Soccer Gambling Up To Hundreds Of Millions Author. Do not be surprised if you get a certain amount of money that is doubled.

Because I lost, I’m thinking about the following month. Win Hundreds of Million Soccer Gambling With This Secret Kick. For 366 days PUBG managed to maintain over a million players per day at one point.

But if you only have a small capital so. Parlay ball bets are very popular and can give you multiples of prizes that are many times the nominal agen bola 168 bet. He bets on every single game and even though he has lost a few bets he has never been broke.

Earn Multiple Profits by Playing Sportsbook Gambling

It is true that financial benefits are the goal or goal of the majority of people playing soccer betting games today. This type of losing is like giving a monthly alms to the city of 500 thousand. Indonesia’s Most Trusted Online Casino List Site.

Win hundreds of millions of soccer gambling. Engaging in King4D gambling is one of the favorite pastimes of most individuals throughout their life. PUBG dips below one million concurrent players for first time in a year.

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Tricks to Win the Best Football Gambling Hundreds of Millions Football gambling games using cheat tricks to win the best soccer betting are able to make the best games in the right way and can make you feel at home to linger on soccer betting bets. Because you can win up to hundreds of millions in soccer betting as long as you meet 2 easy conditions. Win Hundreds of Million Football Gambling.

Don’t let you become a player who often loses, be smart in seeing opportunities and reading. Want to win hundreds of millions of soccer gambling, Congratulations, you’ve found a trusted soccer gambling agent list site that provides accurate predictions for tonight’s soccer betting along with the soccer betting market, soccer betting formulas and how to win over under soccer betting. So it’s not just the usual profit.

The most popular online gambling game today in Indonesia, of course, is soccer betting. The budget for gambling is limited per month, for example 500 thousand. Winning games with tricks to win online sportsbook gambling certainly provides many benefits for you.…

Unique Museum in Semarang

Unique Museum in Semarang – The museum is one of the historical places that is very crowded by people. However, there are several unique museums in Semarang

1. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery or Semarang Gallery is an art gallery dedicated as a shelter for works of art from contemporary Asian artists, especially Indonesian artists. Semarang Gallery is located right in the heart of Semarang City.
This art gallery, which has a role in the development of contemporary art in Indonesia, has been around since 2001. The owner is Chris Dharmawan.
In 2008, Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery has moved to Jalan Taman Srigunting No. 5-6, located in a building that has an ancient Dutch architecture.

If you want to visit one of the unique tourist attractions in Semarang, tourists can come from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 4.30 pm.

Unique Museum in Semarang

2. MURI Museum Semarang

The Indonesian World Record Museum or better known as the MURI Museum is a museum that has existed since January 1990. This museum is located in the Jamu Jago industrial area, Semarang.
In this museum, visitors can see historical records through photo galleries and objects related to the Jamu Jago company, along with data on national and world records that have been achieved.
The MURI Museum, as reported by the muri.org page, was founded by Jaya Suprana who grew up and grew up in Semarang. For the sake of upholding the pillars of the nation’s national pride so that they can appreciate the initiative and work of their own country, the reason for the construction of this museum. Not to forget the role of Aylawati Sarwono who founded the National Achievement Institute as a professional management of the MURI Museum.

The MURI Semarang Museum Gallery which is located at Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 275, Semarang City can be visited every day from 8 am to 4 pm.

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3. Old City 3D Trick Art Museum Semarang

Old City 3D Trick Art Museum Semarang is the first and best 3D trick art museum ever in Semarang City. This three-dimensional art museum has more than 100 manipulated art images that can be used as photo spots.
Cool again, the three-dimensional images will be replaced every three months, so that visitors are guaranteed to never get bored every time they come to visit.
Because of its unusual concept, this unique tourist spot in Semarang always manages to win the hearts of tourists, especially for photo hunters for social media.

Old City 3D Trick Art Museum Semarang also offers a 50% discount for special entrance tickets for students and students by showing their identity in the form of a student card or student card.
Old City 3D Trick Art Museum Semarang is located at Jalan Letjen Suprapto No. 26, Semarang City.…

Master Several Ways to Successfully Win Slot Gambling

Master Several Ways to Successfully Win Slot Gambling – Having mastery over an online gambling game can certainly help and guide you to success.

Playing with tricks is a natural thing for online slot gamblers to do. Tricks are done so that gamblers can get a high chance of winning. You can win quickly if you already know the tricks that support it. Learn more so you can get the most out of it when you apply it in this game.

Choose a slot machine that you are used to playing

When you are going to play online slots, you are given the opportunity to choose which slot machine you will use to play. Just choose a slot pragmatic machine that you are used to playing. By playing with your favorite slot machine, it will make it easier for you to win.

The reason why it is better to choose your mainstay machine is because that way you are used to playing with that machine. You also already know how to play, from the many buttons on your slot machine. So you already understand the layout and so on.

This selection will make it easier for you when playing slots. You also must have memorized the rules, starting from the minimum bet limit and the maximum installation limit, you already know everything. That way if you already understand it will make it easier for you when playing on the online slot machine.

Master Several Ways to Successfully Win Slot Gambling

Master the calculations that help bet

Did you know that there is a formula for determining bets when playing slots? This formula will help to make your bets right. You will have a high chance of accuracy. Therefore, you must practice first to learn to calculate this formula.

If you are wrong in using the formula then it will be very detrimental to you because it does not produce the right one. If you are not observant you can be wrong in determining the results of the formula. You can first choose which type of formula is the most appropriate and easy to use.

After that, you have to learn to apply it. You have to learn how to calculate using formulas. After being shrewd, then you use this formula to play online slot gambling.

Play when you’re in a good mood

So that your game can be maximized, first make sure when playing your mood is good. A good mood plays a very important role in determining your game. If you play it in a bad mood, it will affect your emotions. Later you will be easily provoked by anger, placing bets just because other players join and also playing without positive thoughts.

So that when you play you can get the maximum, then play when the mood is good. That way you will play with enthusiasm, determine bets with good consideration and other positive things. All that will happen when you are in a good mood.…